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Nieuwe gokkasten gratis spelen: Hotline Slot Review

Have you ever been to the tropical and sunny Miami? Now imagine this place in the 80’s, when people were teasing their hair and wore pastel colour suits. High corporate buildings, mixed with palm trees and neon lights; that is what Miami looked like back in the days. The Hotline Slot Machine is referring to this fantastic era by using symbols that are based on this almost so called movie theme. We all know the good cop, bad cop movies and series from the 80’s and this slot machine game embraced this story as well. Shiny cars, fashionable sunglasses and a lot of heath: this is the Hotline Slot Machine game.

Hotline Theme

Miami Vice, that is clearly what popped up in our heads after playing this fun game. Hotline has been developed by NetEnt, which you can definitely see when you take a good look at the design. They seemed to have thought about the smallest details and that’s the part that really makes this game so interesting. The music that has been used is also composed with an 80’s twist in it, this is really fitting the entire concept. The symbols that are displayed in the game are based on characters and thrilling objects like jewelry. You immediately start to notice something shady is about to happen in Miami, just like in the movies. In this case, you will be the hero and you can win a lot of money too!

Betting Options and Other Functions

While playing Hotline, you can bet up to 450 with 3 hotlines spins and betting on 30 lines. The minimum bet of this Slot Machine game is 0,15, which is perfect for people who are looking for a game that offers low bettings. There are many more betting options in Hotline and that is exactly why this game has become so popular. This game brings a great excitement, the same feeling you get when trading at iforex for the first time! The vibe and the payouts are the most interesting part of Hotline!

Hotline Features

The red sports car is the scatter in this game and will they appear on the rolls 1, 3 and 5? Then you will win the free spin bonus including 7 free spins! The expanding wilds will stick on the rolls and that’s also the part that you can increase your money account with even more numbers! Looking for more free spins to spend on Hotline? On the website of nieuwe gokkasten gratis spelen you can find the best free spins deals and online casinos. This website offers many free spins which you can use on Hotline as well, just click on the nieuwe gokkasten gratis spelen link and grab the promotions.

Our Take on Hotline

Hotline is a very fun game to play and you will continue playing it for hours without even noticing. The payouts are very low and that is why you can play this game for such a long time. If you are looking for more excitement, this game is not the game for you. However, the concept and the storyline of Hotline is very interesting and fun! Just try it out and discover the great era of Miami in the classic 80’s. You will not be disappointed. Remember to activate the spins before you play at nieuwe gokkasten gratis spelen, so you can benefit from all the promotions.

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The Diamond Dogs Casino Slot Review

If you like diamonds and are a major fan of man’s best friend, you should have fun with this NetEnt slot machine, “Diamond Dogs.” This game any many more are available at multiple websites, including Mr. Green and where you can play them with real money for free using no deposit free spins bonuses, this game provides players with a fun “celebrity dog” theme that is a little quirky. That said, it’s still a lot of fun to play. Also the Forex broker 24 Option is offering free spins via this game.

“Diamond Dogs” Theme
Based on a five-reel, 25-line style of game play, “Diamond Dogs” is centered on celebrities and their fascinations with dogs. Each dog in the game is decorated in a glamorous and unforgettable way, creating a silly atmosphere that is fun to explore and not just a little silly. Players can bet up to 50 per every game and can win over 65,000 using free spins.

The theme of this game is displayed well with both the graphics and the sound design. The graphics are the typically well-drawn format you get with NetEnt and feature funny animations of these hoity toity dogs living the high life. There’s a lot of sparkling in this one, to match the “diamonds” and “celebrity” theme by focusing on the flashing cameras of the paparazzi.

Musically, the game utilizes soft dance music during game play. Whenever you start winning, the music gets uptempo and exciting. What is particularly fun about the sound design is the way it increases in intensity as you win free spins. Your heart will be pounding as dog barks accentuate the action. It may sound chaotic, but it’s actually well controlled and enjoyable.

Betting Options and Other Functions
As mentioned above, you can bet up to 50 with each spin and betting on more lines and reels helps increase your chances of winning and winning big. Players can set up autoplay if they feel like taking a break from manual rolling. If the music or the sound effects get too distracting, they can simply be turned off to give yourself a little break from the action.

“Diamond Dogs” Features
Wild cards are symbolized by a very friendly boxer wearing a massive “Wild” necklace. Whenever you roll this cute little fellow, you can use him to complete matches that would otherwise be left incomplete. The “scatter” symbol is represented by a cute Chihuahua in a fur coat. Getting three or more of these on the screen at one time activates the free spin mode.

Free spins come in multiples of 10 and also include a combo icon that also increases your winnings. Every win during this free spin round is tripled, making your winnings even bigger. However, the bonus round is also a blast, as you try to capture pictures of celebrities while playing a paparazzi dog. Okay so this game isn’t just a little silly: it’s really weird.

Our Take on “Diamond Dogs”
While the theme is obviously a little light hearted with this game, it’s still a fun one to play. The variety of betting options makes it an easy game for new players to enjoy. It is also a perfect way to break apart the monotony of playing serious “adventure” games, no matter how fun they are to play and win. Check this one out with the link above if you want a good laugh while winning some cash.

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The Disco Spins Internet Casino Game Review

Get on your b-b-b-boogie shoes and get ready to travel back to the 70s with “Disco Spins”! A high-quality online casino game by NetEnt that celebrates the joyous fun of dancing the night away, this game features a variety of fun options like no deposit bonus and more that make it a great choice. Here’s what you need to know about this fun game and the cool experience it has in store for you. Even if you’re not a fan of disco, you’ll likely have fun trying this game out.

“Disco Spins” Theme
The theme of this game is built right into the title: disco, baby! This simultaneously beloved and reviled form of music has come and gone through the ages and this game exists to highlight its joys. You’ll see people hitting the dance floor, wild haircuts, platform shoes, bell bottom jeans, and much more. There’s something fun about disco that can’t be denied even by its haters.

The graphics follow suit with the theme and are nicely drawn. They are somewhat cartoonish, but that fits the fun-loving atmosphere of the game quite well. The animations of the dancers are typical high-quality NetEnt stuff and, while a little silly, it’s fun to watch them strut their stuff. Quality is apparent throughout this game, making it a good choice for casino game and disco fans alike.

Sounds effects are typical for the period. Expect some thumping disco beats, some clanging coins when you win, and wild sirens when you hit the jackpot. The sound of dancing shoes hitting the floor also highlight the game, making this a fun experience that will appeal to a wide range of players. Even those who didn’t grow up dancing disco will enjoy this one.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Betting is a snap with this game. Simply use the mouse to control the bet value, how many lines you want to bet, and to set up autoplay. “Max Bet” is a useful button to take note of because it allows you to maximize your bet with a single push of a button. The best way to win a nice amount of money is to bet as high as you can on as many lines as possible.

“Disco Spins” Features
Match up the “Wild” symbols (a disco dancer) to create huge wins. There is a possibility of eight wilds being on the board at a time, which can create a cascading effect of big payouts. Wild symbols used for one winning match can be used in others. This allows wild criss-crossing wins that can stack up big and really let you cash out on rather unexpectedly big wins.

Getting at least three scatter icons on the screen will open up a bonus game, including “Free Spins” and “Disco Spins.” Both are played at the coin and bet level that were played when the bonus rounds were activated. Regular allows 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier while the other has 10 spins and also allows the use of other scatter symbols, which can create even bigger multipliers and wins.

Our Take on “Disco Spins”
Burn baby burn! This game is a lot of fun. While most of us here weren’t alive when disco was huge, we love how much fun it was to enjoy this bygone era. Check it out at Mr. Green or BGO games and have a fun time dancing the night away while winning huge payouts. This is one disco inferno that you can’t afford to miss!

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The Cosmic Fortune Casino Slot Review

Do you want to make a fortune while cruising space, all from the comfort of your own home? Then check out NetEnt’s popular “Cosmic Fortune” game. This game stands out from other NetEnt games due to its theme of cosmic exploration and the fact that it is the first game they’ve produced that has five jackpots, including three progressive options! Check it out at Mr. Green or BGO games. To get an idea of what it offers.

“Cosmic Fortune” Theme
“Cosmic Fortune” has a space exploration theme that reminds a little of their games like “Space Wars” and includes a variety of space monsters, space-themed items, and a moon. The variety of items are little more limited here than in “Space Wars,” but they get the job done and are still well done. There’s nothing to complain about with the engaging opening animation, either.

When it comes to sound, it’s another solid job by NetEnt. You’ll hear coins falling when you win, the spin of the wheel as you play, and the sonic expansiveness of space echoing around you. The music has an appropriately jaunty and “epic” sound to it, making it a fairly immersive game.

While not quite as top-notch as “Space Wars,” the presentation of the theme more than qualifies. NetEnt spends a lot of money creating memorable games and they hit the mark here as well as some of their less celebrated games. That said, the real value of this game lies in its jackpot. Possessing three progressive jackpots makes this a game you have to try out.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Controlling your bets in any NetEnt game is simple. All you need to do is use the mouse to set your bets (from 0.01 to 0.50) with the “Bet Amount” area and click on spin. You can also set up autoplay spins that will keep rolling until you stop it. This is a good choice if you want to spin while doing something else, like reading, but must be watched to ensure you don’t lose all your money!

“Cosmic Fortune” Features
The gameplay of “Cosmic Fortune” is pretty typical for NetEnt games. There are five reels and three rows for a total of 15 paylines. Where this game stands apart is the use of fun wild symbols, the scatter bonus symbols, and the progressive jackpot. The wild symbols are typical of any casino game and let you match up when you are one symbol short of success. Scatter symbols open up bonus spins that increase your multiplier and increase your winnings.

The progressive jackpots make this game, though. Not available in “free” mode, they gradually build up in “real” mode as you invest more of your money. As they build, you are driven to keep trying to land one, as they’ll grow surprisingly large. Hitting one is a truly satisfying moment.

Our Take on “Cosmic Fortune”
While not one of the most well-polished games by NetEnt, “Cosmic Fortune” does deliver some fun and engaging games. The progressive jackpots of this game make it a huge deal, one that makes it well worth trying out if you’re interested in winning real cash. Make sure to get set up with “real” play and an account if you want to win real money.

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The Arabian Nights Casino Game Review

NetEnt finds something fascinating about ancient Arabian times and the incredible adventures that went with them. Perhaps that’s why they focus so many of their slot games on this period, including “Arabian Nights.” This five-reel and 10-line slot game features an immersive and engaging theme and presentation that place it one step ahead of its competitors at online casinos like Mr. Green or BGO Casino.

“Arabian Nights” Theme
Travel on camelback through the desert on your search for mysteries, gold, and much more with this exciting slot machine. The theme is expressed through well-designed graphics that mimic the common tropes of the period. You’ll see beautiful dancing women, fight off sword-spinning fighters, and much more on your search for treasure.

All the tiles and the rest of the decorations are decorated to suit the era. You’ll see a desert tent, fezes, camels, sultans, tubans, and much more. The wild symbol is a sultan and matching him up allows you to win when failure seems imminent.

The soundtrack follows suit by creating an imaginative and engaging style. The eerie melodies of the day echo across the land as you spin. Fun and more modern sound effects, such as tumbling coins, highlight the sound design of this fun game. Even better, some more upbeat tracks are designed to be a fun way of pumping up your gaming excitement.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Betting is handled very easily in this game. There are a few buttons you can click on, including the buttons for increasing and decreasing the bet value. The range lies within 0.01 and 0.50 per line, allowing you to increase your chances of winning. Easy controls and intuitive layout highlight this game and most of NetEnt’s slot machines.

“Arabian Night” Slot Features
Basic features in “Arabian Nights” are pretty similar to those in other NetEnt games. For example, playing for “real” allows you to get a progressive jackpot that can actually bank out more money than you’d anticipate. The wild sultan also lets you match different cards when you are THIS close to winning. Wilds like this are common in online casino games, but it is fun to use them just the same.

Bonuses are activated when three or more genie lamps appear on the screen at any time. This gives the player 15 free spins that have x3 multipliers. This can heavily increase your winnings by making them worth more when they do land. Increase your bets (you won’t be using your own money during this portion) in order to win huge and walk away with a nice little bank of money.

Our Take on “Arabian Nights”
NetEnt rarely lets down their fans with their games, particularly those focused on their favorite themes. “Arabian Nights” is a graphically-excellent and engaging game that is fun for fans of all ages. Try it out for free to get an idea of what to expect and then give it a shot in “real” mode to make some cash while exploring the ancient Arabian world.

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