The Diamond Dogs Casino Slot Review

If you like diamonds and are a major fan of man’s best friend, you should have fun with this NetEnt slot machine, “Diamond Dogs.” This game any many more are available at multiple websites, including Mr. Green and where you can play them with real money for free using no deposit free spins bonuses, this game provides players with a fun “celebrity dog” theme that is a little quirky. That said, it’s still a lot of fun to play. Also the Forex broker 24 Option is offering free spins via this game.

“Diamond Dogs” Theme
Based on a five-reel, 25-line style of game play, “Diamond Dogs” is centered on celebrities and their fascinations with dogs. Each dog in the game is decorated in a glamorous and unforgettable way, creating a silly atmosphere that is fun to explore and not just a little silly. Players can bet up to 50 per every game and can win over 65,000 using free spins.

The theme of this game is displayed well with both the graphics and the sound design. The graphics are the typically well-drawn format you get with NetEnt and feature funny animations of these hoity toity dogs living the high life. There’s a lot of sparkling in this one, to match the “diamonds” and “celebrity” theme by focusing on the flashing cameras of the paparazzi.

Musically, the game utilizes soft dance music during game play. Whenever you start winning, the music gets uptempo and exciting. What is particularly fun about the sound design is the way it increases in intensity as you win free spins. Your heart will be pounding as dog barks accentuate the action. It may sound chaotic, but it’s actually well controlled and enjoyable.

Betting Options and Other Functions
As mentioned above, you can bet up to 50 with each spin and betting on more lines and reels helps increase your chances of winning and winning big. Players can set up autoplay if they feel like taking a break from manual rolling. If the music or the sound effects get too distracting, they can simply be turned off to give yourself a little break from the action.

“Diamond Dogs” Features
Wild cards are symbolized by a very friendly boxer wearing a massive “Wild” necklace. Whenever you roll this cute little fellow, you can use him to complete matches that would otherwise be left incomplete. The “scatter” symbol is represented by a cute Chihuahua in a fur coat. Getting three or more of these on the screen at one time activates the free spin mode.

Free spins come in multiples of 10 and also include a combo icon that also increases your winnings. Every win during this free spin round is tripled, making your winnings even bigger. However, the bonus round is also a blast, as you try to capture pictures of celebrities while playing a paparazzi dog. Okay so this game isn’t just a little silly: it’s really weird.

Our Take on “Diamond Dogs”
While the theme is obviously a little light hearted with this game, it’s still a fun one to play. The variety of betting options makes it an easy game for new players to enjoy. It is also a perfect way to break apart the monotony of playing serious “adventure” games, no matter how fun they are to play and win. Check this one out with the link above if you want a good laugh while winning some cash.

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