The Disco Spins Internet Casino Game Review

Get on your b-b-b-boogie shoes and get ready to travel back to the 70s with “Disco Spins”! A high-quality online casino game by NetEnt that celebrates the joyous fun of dancing the night away, this game features a variety of fun options like no deposit bonus and more that make it a great choice. Here’s what you need to know about this fun game and the cool experience it has in store for you. Even if you’re not a fan of disco, you’ll likely have fun trying this game out.

“Disco Spins” Theme
The theme of this game is built right into the title: disco, baby! This simultaneously beloved and reviled form of music has come and gone through the ages and this game exists to highlight its joys. You’ll see people hitting the dance floor, wild haircuts, platform shoes, bell bottom jeans, and much more. There’s something fun about disco that can’t be denied even by its haters.

The graphics follow suit with the theme and are nicely drawn. They are somewhat cartoonish, but that fits the fun-loving atmosphere of the game quite well. The animations of the dancers are typical high-quality NetEnt stuff and, while a little silly, it’s fun to watch them strut their stuff. Quality is apparent throughout this game, making it a good choice for casino game and disco fans alike.

Sounds effects are typical for the period. Expect some thumping disco beats, some clanging coins when you win, and wild sirens when you hit the jackpot. The sound of dancing shoes hitting the floor also highlight the game, making this a fun experience that will appeal to a wide range of players. Even those who didn’t grow up dancing disco will enjoy this one.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Betting is a snap with this game. Simply use the mouse to control the bet value, how many lines you want to bet, and to set up autoplay. “Max Bet” is a useful button to take note of because it allows you to maximize your bet with a single push of a button. The best way to win a nice amount of money is to bet as high as you can on as many lines as possible.

“Disco Spins” Features
Match up the “Wild” symbols (a disco dancer) to create huge wins. There is a possibility of eight wilds being on the board at a time, which can create a cascading effect of big payouts. Wild symbols used for one winning match can be used in others. This allows wild criss-crossing wins that can stack up big and really let you cash out on rather unexpectedly big wins.

Getting at least three scatter icons on the screen will open up a bonus game, including “Free Spins” and “Disco Spins.” Both are played at the coin and bet level that were played when the bonus rounds were activated. Regular allows 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier while the other has 10 spins and also allows the use of other scatter symbols, which can create even bigger multipliers and wins.

Our Take on “Disco Spins”
Burn baby burn! This game is a lot of fun. While most of us here weren’t alive when disco was huge, we love how much fun it was to enjoy this bygone era. Check it out at Mr. Green or BGO games and have a fun time dancing the night away while winning huge payouts. This is one disco inferno that you can’t afford to miss!

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